A very small minority of people in this world can say that their life was signifigant on a global scale.  And for those that can, we all know their name - Martin Luther King, Mick Jagger, Edgar Allen Poe, George Washington.  Huge cultural icons that shaped the political, moral, social, and creative fabric of our knowledge and experience.  Names of people that are so common to us and so imbeded into society that we no longer relate to them as people, but as instituions because of what they represpent to us.  And in the case of those who laid their life on the line for something they believed in,  their stories lose even more reality as their history becomes more like story telling. 

This is the account of a man whose remarkable life reads like a tale.  From his personal accounts and journal entries unfolds the most fasinating details of an oridinary man who went on to accomplish the most extraordinary things.